By JOSSY – X IPS2/2018

I have one sister. According to me, my sister is beautiful and maybe she is more beautiful than me and I do not deny it.

But one thing that makes me dislike her is that we formerly did not have good relationships. I little bit hated her because we always used to argue when we met. Why? I felt she was arrogant and too egoist. She always considered herself to be better or more important than me.

However, the time is changing and everything is changing in accordance. Now I am not a little girl anymore, I have grown up and become a teen like her. At this moment, I found if my sister is actually someone for me. I learnt if everything she did in the past is actually good for me.

Now we are studying in the same senior high school; she is in grade 12 while I am in grade 10.  We both do not live with parents but stay in dormitory. Here we must not depend on our parents but we must be reliable for our lives and this is hard for me. But thanks God that now I have a sister, the one whom I hated before. She is the one who gives me hand when I am in trouble. She always encourages me when I got homesick and she always leads and guides me how to live in a dormitory.

God has made my sister my angel and so I pray so may God leads her through every difficult path she is going to pass by.