Do you know what a boyfriend or a girlfriend is? I don’t know more about the meaning of boyfriend or girlfriend. As far as I know the term of ‘boyfriend’ for instance is formed by two words ’boy and friend.’ According to Cambridge dictionary, ‘Boy’ means a male child or, more generally, a male of any age while ‘Friend’ means a person whom you know well and whom you like a lot, but who is usually not a member of your family.

Base on the above definition any male child or male teen whom you know well should be regarded as boyfriend. Then it is not wrong if we can call a male teen at our age whom we’ve known each other since we met is a boyfriend. For example you call Rian your best boyfriend or Nando your oldest boyfriend and/or Endos your closest boyfriend.

However, language is not about the meaning only but it is also a convention. Convention dictates that a male or female teen at your age whom you’ve known each other since you met is friend. He/she of course will become the first one who gives you hand when you really need help.

As teenager, we are still in a period of developing; developing into an adult is natural but developing a larger intelligent capacity is a choice. We must decide that developing our intelligent capacity is not a choice but a duty. We must be responsible to enlarge our intelligent capacity and of course, we cannot do it alone. We always be together with our mate, either girl or boy. Therefore, we must accept them as our girlfriend and boyfriend.

However, once I got a big mortify when I called my friend with the term ‘girlfriend or boyfriend.’ I was socked why I was mocked at the moment. Finally I was convinced that boyfriend or girlfriend is not an appropriate term to use for whom you’ve known each other since you met or one who gives you hand when you really need help. Because boyfriend or girlfriend is a man or boy and/or a girl or woman whom a person is having a romantic or sexual relationship with.

We are growing teens and we need a friend either a boy or a girl and/or both. We need them to socialize, to cooperate and to learn or study together. Therefore, please do not make them your boyfriend or girlfriend when you are being together. I am afraid you will not control yourself for you will tend to build that such relationship base on sex appeal.

Sorry, as student, we are not mature enough to have boyfriend or girlfriend. I have not needed someone for a romantic or sexual relationship. However, it is undeniable if we need someone to be together, to share thoughts, feelings, ideas and the most important is to encourage each other when we are down. The goal is that by the togetherness that we build we will not settle but we make a stride to leap for the utmost peak. What about you?