Photo: Suti, students of President University

SMAKFIDES.SCH.ID – The following is a story from one of the former students of SMAK Fides Quaerens Intellectum. Please enjoy and send a feedback.

Hello, our dear Fathers!

How are you? We hope you are fine.

On this happy occasion, your children want to say thank you very much for all your advice, knowledge, sacrifice, sincerity, love and affection towards us FQI students especially generation X. Our ignorance has been following an ego that has unwittingly hurt your feelings. Forgive us for all the attitudes, behaviors, and words that are not relevant enough to even make you hurt. Forgive us for not having the chance to be the best as you expect, we just want to make you proud even though what happened is not as expected. We also ask for your prayers and blessings for our present course.

Maybe this is only a small part of the heart expressions that we can convey to all of you our Dads. From President University, I represent my friends of generation X wants to say, “Happy International Father’s Day”. All of your services will always be remembered in our hearts. Still be our Fathers as before, now and forever!


Cikarang, November 2018

Sweet Regards

Generation X