Computer based test (Photo by Ruruh Tuames

Paper based test (Photo by Ruruh Tuames

SMAKFIDES.SCH.ID – Education is a systematic learning by which a learner gains information, knowledge, skill and value.

The main goal of education is characterizing the learner a good person who are able to achieve result by doing things not only effectively and skillfully but also to act correctly and make decision on their own base on good judgement.

School or university, therefore provide themselves as good comfortable place where learners can obtain information, knowledge, skill and value. The learners’ capability in learning then measured by conducting a continuous assessment; the assessment in which the quality of a student’s work is judged by various pieces of work during a course and not by one final exam. Exam is a test of a student’s knowledge or skill in a particular subject that results in a qualification if the student is successful.

Continuous Assessment aiming at empowering learners to cultivate their self-assured, which empowers them to apply their knowledge and skill base on good judgement, and the ability to act correctly and make decision on their own.

Nowadays, the assessment can be done in many ways and by many means. Due to the advancement of the technology of information, schools of today prefer an online assessment to paper base one. By their gadgets, students can join a learning process or do a test at home, library, sport court, work-place, and/or at their favorite hanging out places like café, resto, play station, cinema and etc. This helps students make use their after-school hours for learning instead of doing useless activities.


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